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Employer Quick Look

Staff Management

HQ: Chicago, IL   |  

Since 1988 we have enjoyed consistent year over year growth and have outperformed the industry in increased fill rates and lowered turnover rates. These successes have afforded us the opportunity to build proprietary technology systems, software, solutions and a team of experienced consultants that respond quickly to our customers needs.

We appreciate every single customer relationship, and ensure their success through the deployment of our "Blueprint for Success".

SMX is a separate entity wholly owned by SeatonCorp, a Chicago-based recruiting and staffing company, and is licensed to operate in certain jurisdictions in conformity with state regulations. The SeatonCorp family of companies includes: Staff Management, SMX, PeopleScout, StudentScout and SeatonIndia.


We have spent the last 20 years building Standard Operating Procedures for virtually all of the tasks associated with our business. This highly developed and proven model will ensure success for you. Our solutions are implemented with client-dedicated programs and service teams that use proven Standard Operating Procedures and software tools designed specifically for delivering our solutions. "You can't improve what you don't measure" is the cornerstone of our operating model. Therefore, we take the necessary steps to ensure a thorough process by which our solutions are customized, developed, implemented and managed throughout your account lifecycle.


Contingent workforce management is our only business.
Our singular focus on contingent workforce staffing solutions has allowed us to invest the time and resources to develop proprietary solutions that help your business.

We take staffing worries off your hands.
Staffing is difficult. Overtime costs are rising. Recruiting for entry-level employees is time-consuming. Matching the available workforce to production requirements is a hassle. We have strategies to handle these challenges.

We put our technology to work for you.
Technology is our true differentiator. Our proprietary, leading-edge technology tracks and measures your program performance and manages to a desired result.

We're on-site
  • On-site Crew Desk at your locations
  • On-site service team providing supervision at all locations
  • On-site team spends 70%+ of time on the production floor

Our customized solutions give you flexibility
  • We implement a solution that works specifically for you
  • You receive job and facility specific target recruitment and selection
  • Careful screening/interviewing of candidates

We leverage proprietary technology
  • Extensive technology/reporting: StaffTrackâ„¢
  • Accurate and timely data reporting and analysis of all key metrics

Risk mitigation
  • Mitigate risk- co-employment and unionization
  • On site team handles all associate issues

Your profits increase
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Higher fill rates

We make it easy
  • Smooth transition from the current vendor's program
  • Upfront feasibility consultation