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Employer Quick Look

Wafts Solutions Inc.


Wafts Solutions is an IT consulting firm which offers comprehensive IT services. At Wafts Solutions, we can integrate the most complex business systems with the most diverse – all to make life easier for you. Over the years, we have laid special emphasis on client satisfaction and employee excellence. And the results are before the whole world to see.

We are the sum total of our dedication, productivity, innovative spirit and our zeal and energy to reach out into a new world of being the solutions providers for those who depend on us. We are honored to be respected by our peers, clients and industry at large, whose unending support keep us ahead of our competition.

Our employees invest their everything to make us a successful company and we are grateful to them for their total involvement in making a success of Wafts Solutions Inc. We truly believe that in a people-oriented business like ours, people come first. And for us at Wafts Solutions Inc., our people come first.

The management and staff of Wafts Solutions Inc. stand shoulder to shoulder in making our enterprise inspirational. As we move from strength to strength, we appreciate their efforts and continue to provide them with a stimulating environment in which they can blossom and achieve their true potential.


At Wafts Solutions Inc., we value diverse ideas because it is from this wealth of diversity that the brightest ideas emerge. Known for our innovative spirit, we foster Diversity Education Programs which breed innovation and a spirit of progress and growth. We encourage all kinds of talent to reach dizzying heights in the stimulating environment of our workplace.

Among all standard corporate benefits to employees, we also give payroll and direct deposit of salaries, health benefits and Employee Referral Policy.

Career Opportunities

At Wafts Solutions, we offer our staff flexibility at work which we have seen to foster an environment of creativity and critical skill development. This, in turn, fosters a habit of honesty and openness in one’s dealings–a value that is highly appreciated here.

We are transparent in all our dealings; hence we expect our staff to be entirely honest and sincere in their dedication to work. We give these ourselves, so we do not anticipate a day when this will not be possible.

At Wafts Solutions, we value merit and hard work. We also value time-honored principles like honesty, loyalty, motivation and a positive attitude to work. In return, we give you a professional work ambience which is growth and goal-oriented.