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Employer Quick Look

Sound Physicians


Sound Physicians tackles the challenges of the fragmented U.S. healthcare system, focusing on making a measurable difference across the acute care episode. Our healers, leaders and innovators are proving every day the difference we can make in patient and hospital outcomes.

In 2001, we realized things needed to be done differently in order to realize improved outcomes. We learned that, by having engaged providers and a high-performance model, it was possible to drive measurable and reproducible improvements that hospitals needed.

Today, hospitals partner with Sound Physicians because they are seeking an organization to help them drive change, overcome challenges and improve outcomes. With 3,000+ colleagues on our team, we are able to leverage our experience, strong clinical and business leaders, proven processes and innovative solutions to ensure patients get the care they deserve and hospitals get the improvements they need.

Our integrated approach to acute and post-acute care creates value by bringing together the interconnected disciplines of emergency medicine, critical care, hospital medicine, transitional care and physician advisory services. Together, we are on a mission to improve quality outcomes for patients and help improve the performance of healthcare systems. We invite you to join us on this journey.

Career Opportunities

In any organization, its people know what they do; in some organizations, people know how they are different; but, in the special few, their people can clearly state why they do what they do. We are looking for great people who believe what we believe — that we can be the leader at improving quality and lowering the cost of patient care in the communities we serve. Sound’s vision plays out every day in hospitals across the country. Wouldn’t you love to wake up excited about the work you do, leading the way and truly changing healthcare for the better?

We are looking for energized colleagues to join our teams nationwide. Our teams make a significant difference in the acute episode of care — from the time the patient enters the hospital to the period 90 days following discharge.

Vision and Mission

Vision Statement
Our vision is to be the unmatched leader in improving quality and reducing the cost of healthcare for patients in the communities we serve.

Mission Statement
We measurably improve quality, satisfaction, and financial performance of healthcare delivery through exceptional patient care, deep investments in our people, and performance management expertise, as well as complete alignment with our partners.