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Albert A. Webb Associates

HQ: Riverside, CA   |   100 - 250 employees  |  

Albert A. Webb founded Albert A. Webb Associates (WEBB) in 1945.  With an education in civil engineering at Iowa State, Albert came to Riverside to become the Chief Engineer and General Manager of the Riverside Canal Company in 1934.  Albert, along with his sons Ernie and Hubert, decided to begin an independent engineering firm so they could all work together.  In 1948, WEBB moved to its present location on McCray Street in Riverside, California.

Albert had tremendous vision for engineering opportunities and for the company itself. He saw the importance of keeping a balance between both public and private work, a philosophy that continues nearly 70 years later. Albert saw each employee as an extension of his family and recognized each employee as a vital component to the success of the company.

Albert's commitment to his employees and the concept of teamwork, which still holds true today, has made WEBB unique among engineering firms. The people who have made up WEBB have been the backbone of the company from the beginning. Albert began the business with three employees and now WEBB employs over 140 people in a variety of disciplines which now include municipal engineering, land development, stormwater engineering, traffic & transportation, planning & environmental, construction management & inspection, land survey & mapping, and landscape architecture.


WEBB consistently recruits the best and brightest, building strong teams of skilled professionals, many of whom are experts in their fields.

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3788 McCray Street
Riverside, CA 92506