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Employer Quick Look



IntegriSource, Inc. is a national employment solutions company headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida.  We are focused on providing our clients with cost effective solutions to meet their permanent, contract and contract-to-hire staffing goals. We also offer vendor management and outplacement services at the request of our clients.

Our staff has over 40 years of diverse staffing experience working in both the public and private sectors.  This experience enables us to understand the unique culture of each environment to ensure a successful match between the candidate and the employer.  We service the Information Technology, Power Generation, Financial and Administrative needs of our clients nation-wide with great success!

We encourage opportunities and feedback because we believe our success has stemmed from our strong belief in the importance of integrity, communication and diversity.

Integrity has been such an integral part of everything we do and why we do it, so we put it in our name, IntegriSource.

Communication promotes feedback and opportunities, but it also keeps expectations at the forefront of the conversation to encourage a successful partnership.

Diversity is a vital key to every team’s success because it has been proven to increase productivity, innovation, retention, revenues and loyalty.

Armed with our core values, we invite you to explore how IntegriSource can be a very effective employment partner for your organization.  Whether you are an employer looking to grow your team or a job seeker looking for your ideal career move, please contact us and we will gladly assist in finding your solution.

Direct Hire
IntegriSource is able to meet the needs of our clients who prefer the immediate direct hiring of experienced professionals. Often, in order to find a specific resource, our clients need to expand their employment search outside of their local area. IntegriSource’s national network of experienced personnel expedites the client’s process of identifying and hiring the right candidate.

IntegriSource maintains a vast, national network of qualified consultants. Our network allows us the flexibility to accurately match the consultant with your unique requirements for each position. These consultants will be provided on a contracted, hourly basis for the project duration specified by the client. We will provide short term as well as long term consulting services as needed.

Contract to Hire
IntegriSource offers contract to hire services to our clients who desire to add experienced personnel to their permanent staff. This service allows our clients the flexibility to contract an identified consultant while verifying the “fit” for the position. By contracting the consultant first, the client does not have any employment issues to be concerned with until they are sure the consultant meets their needs. In addition, this option allows the consultant the same evaluation period of the client’s environment to ensure it is a good match. This approach helps reduce turnover as both the client and the consultant have had the opportunity to evaluate each other in the work environment prior to the offer of permanent employment.

Vendor Management
IntegriSource also provides Vendor Management Services to private companies to relieve them of the burdensome task of managing multiple vendors and terms to fill their vacant positions. By working directly with the hiring managers and numerous vendors, IntegriSource is able to streamline and standardize the hiring process to obtain the most qualified candidates for consideration.

Outplacement Services
If you need to downsize your organization, IntegriSource offers Outplacement Services to assist your affected employees in identifying and securing new employment opportunities. These services can be tailored to each client so that you can be assured of the most appropriate solution for your particular employees and budget.