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U.S.VETS is the nations largest nonprofit provider of comprehensive services to homeless and at-risk veterans.

With 20 residential sites and 9 service centers in 13 cities across 5 states, the District of Columbia and the territory of Guam, U.S.VETS provides vital housing, employment and mental health services to veterans and their families.

Our Mission is the successful transition of military veterans and their families through the provision of housing, counseling, career development and comprehensive support.

We provide services to over 3,000 veterans a day. Each year, we help 4,000 veterans a year find housing and connect over 1,000 veterans a year with full-time employment. These struggling veterans represent sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. Each have served our country.

We share both the pride and problems of this nation’s military servicemen and women and believe we have an obligation to help protect and serve those who have served and protected us.

Because of this, we are committed to helping veterans in need.

Of the veterans living in America today, 63,000 are chronically homeless. Although they represent a relatively small percentage of the general population, veterans make up nearly 20 percent of the homeless population.

There is a growing generation of veterans with new challenges to face. In the past decade, two million troops have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. As they return home, many will experience challenges adjusting back to civilian life.

Roughly 300,000 returning troops currently suffer from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or major depression and anxiety. Additionally, over 320,000 individuals have suffered a probable traumatic brain injury during deployment.

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