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Employer Quick Look

Texas Global Consulting

Sales - Marketing, Consulting, Retail
HQ: San Antonio, TX   |   < 100 employees  |  
Bulletin Board
7/16/2020 - Witness Global Growth On LinkedIn
We believe LinkedIn is a great way to connect with businesses and other professionals. The Texas Global Consulting team shares posts about team updates and current pandemic news. Connect with us for more - @TexasGlobalConsulting!
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6/25/2020 - Investing In Your Professional Development
Although the Texas Global Consulting team follows protocol and stays safe at home, it is almost effortless to become unmotivated or develop a "lazy lifestyle" routine. We are here to challenge you to think differently and invest in your professional development. For more tips on how to conquer this quarantine, follow our team on Facebook!
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5/21/2020 - Start Your Career With Us
Congratulations, graduates! You have achieved a significant milestone and are about to enter the workforce. We understand it could be intimidating to make that transition, which is why we believe we, the Texas Global Consultants team, would be your perfect fit. Learn more about our career advancement opportunities in our latest YouTube video.
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4/30/2020 - We're Working From Home!
Nothing is going to prevent the Texas Global Consulting team from achieving our goals! While we can't meet our team in person, we have scheduled weekly video calls to ensure our team members are staying hungry to achieve their goals. Watch our latest YouTube video on how the Texas Global Consulting team is working from home.
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2/19/2020 - Happy Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day may only be one day out of the year, but there is still plenty of love and appreciation to go around. To celebrate the holiday, we gave out roses to everyone in the office, to show our gratitude for each of you. Never miss our team holiday fun and follow us on Facebook - @TexasGlobalConsulting!
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About Our Company
Texas Global Consulting is a growing direct sales and marketing firm located in San Antonio that partners with top companies in telecommunications, satellite, cable, and fiber optics. We act as a go-between for our clients helping to humanize their multi-billion dollar brand and offer real-time feedback to help our clients improve their products. So, why do companies choose to work with Texas Global Consulting? Most of it has to do with our competitive drive for success and integrity-driven attitude!

When Texas Global Consulting was founded, we knew that we wanted to create an athletically driven and competitive culture that rewarded people on their skills and work ethic. Our training method is based on the belief that every employee must start entry-level to prove their skills and move up into another position. This not only builds camaraderie within the team but allows for everyone in our company to have shared experiences and trust in each other's advice. To move upwards within the firm, more than sales are required. We want our team at  Texas Global Consulting to make a real impact so we look for those who are leadership-driven and train in areas that will create well-rounded team members.
Start a Career
Our career opportunities at Texas Global Consulting allow entry-level candidates to be trained in the customer service and sales field with a focus on leadership development and team collaboration In only 12-18 months. Candidates with exceptional drive and perseverance are selected to oversee and manage a private business of their own. Our team and the opportunities we provide here are meant for hardworking, ambitious individuals!

Opportunities Available at Texas Global Consulting:

📌 Marketing & Sales
📌 Account Representative
📌 Human Resources
📌 Recruiting
📌 Campaign Management
Company Culture
All work and no time to play or relax is no fun and talk about unproductive! Texas Global Consulting has discovered the ideal blend of work and fun with team nights and monthly in-office competitions to loosen up the mind. We have taken an everyday work environment to the next level, and we wouldn't change a thing!

What you'll find in the culture at Texas Global Consulting:

💯 Teamwork
💯 Integrity
💯 Inspiration
💯 Competition
💯 Leadership
💯 Professionalism
💯 Dedication
💯 Camaraderie
Contact Information
📱 Phone Number: 210-951-8443

💬 Email:

🏢 Address: 1603 Babcock Rd Suite 258, San Antonio, TX 78229

🌐 Website:
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