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Employer Quick Look

Creative Acquisitions

"We create the bridge between clients and consumers though face to face interactions."

Established in 2017 in Philadelphia now currently in Hoboken, New Jersey, Creative Acquisitions is a Sales and Marketing firm that provides essential resources for fortune 500 companies to help them find, acquire and retain loyal customers. Today we stand as the number one choice for outsource marketing and sales representing some of the most well-known companies in the Office supplies, utilities, nonprofit and telecom industries. Our demand for high performance and growth allows us to continuously break boundaries and provide high quality results for our clients. We have found that the personal and direct approach gets better results than what traditional form of sales and marketing i.e. telemarketing, emails, direct mail, tv commercials billboards and radio cannot. Long lasting loyal customers.

One of Creative’s main goals is to maintain an upbeat work environment because happy working people leads to happy customer experience for our clients. Creative Acquisitions works hard to maintain its cast iron relationships with its clients. We always look to be number one in anything we do and in order to maintain that future, we are looking for people who strive to be number one. Working at Creative acquisitions we aim for perfection to make sure we keep our clients happy.