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Employer Quick Look

Softcom Systems, Inc

Employment - Recruiting - Staffing

SOFTCOM SYSTEMS is a strategic technology consulting and staffing firm serving the US market for the last 20 years. SOFTCOM SYSTEMS was incorporated in US in 1997 and headquartered in New Jersey with operational offices in Canada & India. We are a trusted partner for many firms and actively engaged with many clients across verticals – Banking and Financial, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Retail/Manufacturing. We understand both Technology and the Business well and we believe in cultivating Win-Win situations for the Client, Employee and for the Company by deploying the right skilled candidates for the client needs.

Our Services

We strive hard to differentiate ourselves by providing value and long term advantage to our customers, here are our Key differentiators:

•  Low cost and high-quality resources
•  Flexible cost models
•  Guaranteed year-on-year productivity improvement
•  Dedicated account executive as a single point contact for all communications
•  We advise our customers on technological advancements

•  Application Development and Maintenance
•  Digital Testing
•  Big Data
•  High-Quality Consultants
•  High retention ability to maintain project continuity
•  Quick turnaround time in delivering the services
•  Open to Right-to-hire
•  Excellent replacement policy

•  Strategic Staffing
•  Global Human Resource Management
•  Structured Recruitment Process
•  Consultant Replacement Policy
•  Periodical Reviews of employee salary, benefits, etc.

Contact Us
Softcom Systems, Inc
475, Wall Street, Princeton,
NJ 08540, USA