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Employer Quick Look



As serial entrepreneurs, the team at SMASH knows exactly what it feels like to be the person wearing ALL the hats. You want to handle the sales, handle the marketing, manage the systems, automate the process and hire all the people you want to work with. But here is the TRUTH that you don’t want to believe. YOU CAN’T DO IT ALL YOURSELF! The best part is, YOU don’t have to!

Welcome to SMASH! We are the company that can take your business from a JOB to a real business, that you can run from anywhere. After all, you didn’t become an entrepreneur to have to work long hours and serve a business. You because one to have a business that serves YOU. Time to make that dream a reality. Time to SMASH IT!

Our Mission

We started SMASH because we have all owned companies that felt like jobs. We know what it feels like to be “held hostage” by a company with broken systems, inconsistent sales, unreliable marketing, terrible employees, and the worst part; a company that needs your CONSTANT attention.

Our mission is to take every entrepreneur and their business from a place of “stuck” to a place of “THRIVE.” We want you to know that you can have an amazing company that SMASH’s your competitors without you having to wear all the hats and do every function.