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Employer Quick Look

The Last Marathon

Our mission is to develop cost-effective approaches that do not impact quality and results. Our unique ability to improve customer experience through face to face acquisitions and advertising. The ability to demonstrate and answer live questions creates a fantastic platform for a well-informed customer equipped with a strong understanding of how to get the best results using your products or services. The Last Marathon Inc. offer an all-inclusive outsourcing package that takes care of everything from development and execution, recruitment, training and market research.

Everything at The Last Marathon is about continued development. Our people are our most valuable asset and we aim to offer a fast-paced uplifting environment for them to thrive.

Our goals is to coach and train every person in our organisation in the transferrable skills of sales and marketing. We create and implement daily motivational workshops that are designed to help our workforce up-skill in areas of weakness to ensure we are building the Entrepreneurs of the future. Why Entrepreneurs? We know that todays generation have big ambitions and dream of creating their own empires - At The Last Marathon - we encourage this mindset as we feel it offers huge value to our company and the goals we are trying to achieve for our clients.

We are always seeking bright new talent, so if you think you may be a good fit, please get in touch and tell us why!