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Employer Quick Look

EHS Recruiting Company

Hospitality, Restaurant, Healthcare - Health Services
HQ: Sarasota, FL   |  
EHS Recruiting Company has been successfully leading the recruitment industry for the past 30 years by simply building lasting relationships with our clients and candidates. We work in a collaborative environment where we drive each other to succeed, and our family is made up of like-minded individuals.
We have become career consultants for our candidates and business partners for our clients building a high level of trust that ensures success in talent acquisition and individual careers.
EHS Recruiting Company has been in business for 3 decades and has hired and trained hundreds of recruiters. During that time, we have learned through experience, testing, and multi-level interviewing who will make a great recruiter.
Growth is always driven by the recruiters you hire! A bad hire can be expensive, waste your time, and potentially give your firm a bad name. So, let’s make sure the recruiter you hire is in it for the right reasons, understands the ups and downs of recruiting, and is committed to making that change to the recruiting business.
EHS will not just passively wait for someone to answer an ad we will go out and search for candidates with a background that fits your office needs.